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Behind the Novel: with Author' Amos Cassidy

All right followers I have a delicious interview from Amos and Cassidy that you will just eat up! So tuck the kiddies in bed and tell your mate laters babe because you are not going to want to miss
Check out the covers to the first two books in the series! Not bad for self-published, right? Which do you like best? Our favorite cover is book 2 Crimson Darkness.

Crimson Darkness (Crimson, #2)Crimson Midnight (Crimson, #1)

As most already, know Amos Cassidy is a writing team of two. Richard Amos is a 28-year-old yummy diva and Debbie Cassidy a 35-year-old earth-shattering mother of two. The pair have been writing together for three years and 'Tales from the Ether' is there was their first publication in the UK. Their worldwide debut novel 'Crimson Midnight' (my favorite!) is available from using the widget below as well as Crimson Darkness Book 2 in the Crimson series. They are hard at work on book 3 and will be release it as soon as possible.
Smile for the Camera!
Working on the plot for book 3???

And now the interview!!! YEAH!!!
Lissa: First thing I had to ask was...If you could invite any three people to dinner, who would it be? 
Amos: Madonna, Marilyn Monroe and Joan Collins. I would be serving food off a naked Jensen Ackles!
Cassidy: Ian Somerhalder for Starters, Henry Cavill for the Main Course and Jared Padelecki for Desert. And just to clarify, there won’t be any cooking involved ;)
Lissa: Now I have to admit that is one hot dinner party. Note to self: SEND MY ADDRESS...would want my invite to be lost in the mail.  Everyone has a bad interview every now and then. What was your worst interview? 
Amos: We’ve enjoyed all the interviews we have done J
Lissa: Okay! I will go lax and give you that. But riddle me this...How would you describe yourself in three words?
Amos: Diva, Secret Royalty, Deity.
Cassidy: Multitasking, Supermom, Goddess!
Lissa: Very clever! Do you have any advice for people who want to follow your path and become self published authors?
Amos: I would just say never give up. It is a long and tough road, and sometimes the whole thing can feel so overwhelming. But it is so worth all the effort, it really is. When you finally get your stuff out there…it’s the best feeling in the world. Keep on fighting, keep on writing. Determination is a raging fire and half the battle won.
Cassidy: I couldn’t have said it better myself. I’d like to add though, that it is important to get your work looked at by objective eyes. Sites such as and are good places to get samples of your work reviewed. We learnt a lot from those sites in the early days. Constructive criticism is invaluable in improving your work.
Lissa: That was great in-depth advice. Thank you!  What are three things you should one never do in the self-publishing business?
Amos: Firstly, I guess don’t expect things to come to you. Getting your work published is the first step. Then it’s promoting it and getting people to read it. You really have to work hard on promo stuff when you self-publish. Another would be not to rush. It can be very exciting to be like, “Hell, yeah! My manuscript is done! I’m gonna slap it on Kindle or Smashwords!” Don’t do that. Be patient. Take a look over the work again. Never just upload it without being thorough.
Cassidy: Also, never respond to a negative review in a negative manner. The reader has a right to his/her opinion. Of course a negative review always hurts; it’s as if someone just called your baby ugly…ouch! My solution, slap on some up beat music and dance it off. Not everyone will love your work; you just have to accept that.
Lissa: Could have said it better myself.  I wouldn’t worry with negative reviews either.  Not everyone has the same taste. And Now, one last question and I turn the interview over to my daughter Macy who is also a huge fan of ‘Crimson Midnight’ What's the last book you read? 
Amos: Shadow Heir by Richelle Mead.
Cassidy: Eden by Loiuse Wise. I loved it!
Lissa: I happen to be a big fan of Mead as well but haven’t read Shadow Heir, I think I have to get that next. And I already have Eden. Thank you so much guys, it has been great and now I turn you over to Alexandria.
Alexa: Ha! Same here... I have read Eden but haven’t heard of Shadow Heir. I will have to make sure mom stays on top of that.  First, I have to ask, what is the last movie you watched in a movie theatre? 
Amos: Pirates! On An Adventure With Scientists.      
Cassidy: I can’t remember the last movie I went to watch…Hmmm…Oh, yeah it was the second Twilight movie and I went to watch it with Amos and my friend Lisa. Then we got stranded in town because the bleeding bus didn’t show up, it started to rain and we got soaked. We had to call a taxi and it didn’t turn up for almost 30 minutes. I think I caught a cold after that.
Amos: Too much information, Cassidy.
Cassidy: Erm…sorry.
Alexa: I thought I was sad because the last move I saw was Hunger Games because... well yes, I read the series and had to see if they would butcher it on film.  I will keep you in mind and see about sending some movie passes your way. So, who or what inspired you to become authors?  When did you know that you wanted to be authors?
Amos: A love of stories, escaping in to other worlds – the pure passion I had, and will always have, for that made me want to create worlds and characters of my own. Oh, I just remembered a story I wrote back in High School about some crazy Amazon and Barbarian on a quest. The tornado…sorry, I wandered off a little there J
Cassidy: Books inspired me to want to write. I have always loved reading. As a child I was quite a loner and spent most of my time in my room with a book. Even when I grew and became more popular books were always my escape into a better more colourful world. I could fall into the story and become whoever I wanted to be. My love of reading soon transformed into a desire to create my own story worlds. I wrote my first novella on a typewriter I got for my 13th birthday. It was called Santa Claws and was about a serial killer who only strikes at Christmas. Kind of gory I guess but I used to read a lot of Stephen king and Dean R Koontz back then.
In answer to the question I have to say I’ve known I wanted to be an author since the age of 13.
Alexa: You both sound like my mom. I hope you inspire her to her imagination to pin and paper. But, what if you weren't authors, what do you think you'd be doing with your life? 
Amos: Trying to be an author. I did briefly train as a hairdresser so maybe that…a scary thought (I HATE PERMING!). Or a pop star J
Cassidy: I guess I’d be looking to get my Masters in Psychology and then a PHD so I could lecture at a university.  That would be my second choice. But being an author will always come first.
Alexa: Hairdresser Amos?  The chemicals would fry your brain. Go for the pop star and go all out, no holds bar! PHD, Cassidy, WOW! So you must be the brains and that makes Amos what? The beauty?  Second of course in comparison to you. (Sorry Amos a mothers beauty before diva beauty!) You talked about reading as children do you still like reading books and have you ever wondered why they leave blank pages at the back of the books? 
Amos: I love reading books. And yes, I have always wondered that. Why is that? Can someone tell us?
Cassidy: I think my long answer above kind of gave my love of reading away. About those blank pages…that’s a mystery.
Alexa: Well, look like we didn’t solve the blank page mystery. That will have to be a riddle for another day. Food! What kind of food do you like? If I were to look inside your refrigerator right now, what would I find?
Amos: You’d find an echo.
Cassidy: Have you seen the Ghostbusters movie where Sigourney Weaver opens her fridge and there is a whole world inside with a strange demon saying Zuhl? You have! Great! Well you won’t find that in my fridge!
Seriously though, I love all kinds of food and really enjoy cooking. I love curry, being Asian I grew up on them, but my husband isn’t much of a fan, so I only really get to indulge when I go to my mum’s for dinner, or when it comes out of a jar. My husband is a pretty boring eater so I don’t get to try as many different dishes as I used to when I was single L
Alexa: So I take it the starving artist roomer is true? Can either of you sing? I am sorry I should have asked do either of you think you can sing. I know I think I can and my favorite place to belt out a tune is in the shower. So, what song did you sing in shower today?
Amos: I should’ve been a pop star! I belted out Girl Gone Wild by Madonna this morning – and did the moves too J
Cassidy: I don’t have a shower, so don’t get to sing in it, but I am forced to sing Disney songs to my four year old daughter every night; she won’t sleep otherwise.
Amos and I also do a mean ‘California Love’ duet on Karaoke.
Alexa: That image is forever burned in my mind. Thanks Amos! Almost has me wanting to know who you shaking your bon-bon for, LOL! Speaking of bon-bons... If there is a film being made on your life, what would it be called and who would star in it as you? 
Amos: MEMOIRS OF AN ICE PRINCE starring RICHARD AMOS as HIMSELF J Henry Cavill would be my love interest. Oh, and Jensen Ackles the other one! TRIANGLE!
Cassidy: FROM DOORMAT TO DOORSTOP starring someone who’ll look great wearing thick glasses and train track braces, and could later blossom in to a total hottie.
Alexa: I feel the diva rolling off in waves there Amos. Oh, so what you are saying need me to play you Cassidy?  I would be more than happy to! So down to the nitty gritty... What is the stats of my fav duel authors??? Are either of you married or have a partner?
Amos: Yes, I have a boyfriend who I have been with for six years.
Cassidy: Yes I am married with two daughters; a 13 year old and a four year old.
Alexa: Dang, no hope then for the single people, sorry ladies and gents. Now let me back track I forgot and important question. Who were your hero's when you were young? 
Amos: This will probably sound weird, but music and stories were my heroes. I found solace in them; they were my sanctuary and kept me going. And they still are my heroes.
Cassidy: When I was young my hero was my mum. I know it sounds corny but I always looked up to her. My dad would be away a lot for work and she was the one who took care of us. I was always amazed how she was prepared for every eventuality. She was also so much fun and would join in our imaginary games and play with us for hours. She has taught me so much.
Alexa: Oh good lord, Amos... you are a man after my mom’s own heart... too bad your gay. Are you sure???? Well, too bad. And Cassidy, I feel you girl, my mom will always be my super hero!  Superheroes have super powers, right?  So if you could have a super power, which would, you want and why?
Amos: The power of teleportation! Man, I’d go everywhere
Cassidy: Glamour! I’d like to be able to click my fingers and look great no matter where or what I’m doing. I never have the time or energy to dress up anymore.
Alexa: ROFLAO!!! You could be comfy in your PJ’s all day then. FM pumps, no problem, the fuzzy bunny slippers are cosy.  Have either of you ever had a crush on someone you never told anyone about? 
Amos: I’ve always told my friends about my crushes, but never the crush himself.
Cassidy: No. I don’t think so. I’m pretty straight forward. If I liked someone I would let them know. I don’t believe in all the playing games stuff. You know, the little signals and flirting you do hoping that the guy will get the hint and act on it. My philosophy is, if you want something done properly then do it yourself. 
Just read that back and I sound like a bit of a control freak…Hmmm…maybe I should change it.
Amos: You a control freak? Never! *sarcastic*
Cassidy: Ha Ha. *equally if not more sarcastic*
Alexa: Okay, so Cassidy is the control freak and Amos keeps her in line. Check!  So, who is the last person you called? 
Amos: Cassidy. I was wondering if she wanted an envelope. She did. Oh, and a book to borrow.
Cassidy: Amos. I wanted to run a plot idea by him.
Alexa: Most authors my mo knows tend to write at night so I was wondering... what time did you go to bed last night?
Amos: 23:45. And I had sore feet from epic walking in London!Cassidy: Midnight, and believe me I’m feeling it today.
Alexa Just a few more questions and I will let you get back to writing the new book just keep in mind when you dedicate it, that it would be to your biggest fans Lissa and Macy Alexandria Smith. I would hate for you to error... *hint* subtle* hint* cough* hint* About your book Crimson Midnight;  Who is your favourite Character?
Amos: Raven because he just reminds me of me J Hee hee! No, seriously he is my favourite. I also love writing any scene featuring Faye.
Cassidy: Rose because she doesn’t pull any punches and she doesn’t play games. She does what needs to be done and is honest about it.
Alexa: Yeah! Raven is my favourite as well. Which I will get into a little more latter on. Which character in the book is more like you?
Amos: A bit of Damon’s love for art, a dash of Raven’s aloofness and a sprinkle of Kris for his love of music.
Cassidy: Hmmm…let me see…Rose!
Alexa: Well, I haven’t picked my like character because I was stuck on the awesome club scene. Make me want to pack a bag of lovelies’ and hit the next flight over and hit the nightlife up!  Is that how the clubs are in England?
Amos: London clubs can be very colourful. There is something there for everyone.
Alexa:  I trust a tour will be given if I ever make my way. Now back to my favourite Raven!!!! Will he ever get more page time and a real love interest as the series builds?
Amos: Yes, he defo will be. We are so excited about his storyline for book 2 and for book 3. YAY!
Cassidy: I think you’ll find, Amos, that I am more excited than you.
Amos: I sense a duel coming on…
Alexa: I think you are so right Amos! Raven is also my mom’s favourite character. She hasn’t completely given up her wild side. We were both Yay! He found someone, then damn, wtf.  He needs someone strong yet able to break through that tough exterior. Someone who is passionate between the sheet yet dominates a room when he speaks...  Back on track, SORRY!  In a mainstream novel what inspired you to make such a bold step and make Raven gay? I mean don’t get me wrong I am thrilled that you did. My mom is “unique” and has so many “unique” friends and I love everyone. It is just very rare to read a gay strong male or female for that fact. Patricia Briggs attempted it in her Mercy Thompson Series but back off out of fear of mainstream people.
Amos and Cassidy: We’ve never understood why gay characters with full storylines are often restricted to the M/M category and don’t feature more prominently in mainstream stuff. We wanted to create a gay character and give him a full life, his own sub plot and love interest. Part of the beauty of being an Indie Author is having the opportunity to chip away at the mould; although we’d do that regardless.
In the Crimson Series we wanted to create something that everyone could enjoy. Even though it is an Urban Fantasy we wanted to keep our characters real. We know it’s not to everyone’s taste but this is us, we will always be true to ourselves in our writing and hope that there are people who will enjoy it. And Raven rocks!
Lissa and Alexa: Is there any information that you would like us to share?
Amos: Yes…the second Crimson book is out in the Fall ;-)
Cassidy: I fancy a Galaxy Cookie Crumble.
Amos:Mmm…me too!
Thank you for your time! It has truly been a blast! Although you are authors you are both ROCK STARS in my book! I can’t wait for the Fall! Best Wishes!!—Macy
For more information AND DIRT!! on the 'Crimson Series' please visit: TELL THEM LISSA & ALEXA SENT YA!

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