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The Billionaire's Desire (Short StoriesTrilogy) by Ashley Blake

The Billionaire's DesireThe Billionaire's Desire


Sarah Vaughn put her life on hold to raise her brothers after their parents died, and now it was her turn to live her life. After graduating from college at 32, she landed a dream internship with an international investment firm. Sarah wants to make partner there one day and she is willing to do whatever it takes.

She commutes in to downtown on the train every morning and her special treat is seeing him every day. He fuels her fantasies and for a few minutes each day she allows herself to dream.


Sarah’s life changes the day he seduces her on the train. His sensual power over her is like none she has ever experienced. But that morning on the train is just the beginning of a chain of events that will change Sarah’s life forever. She doesn’t know that the gorgeous stranger is Joshua Hunter, billionaire CEO of Hunter International, and he has a voracious appetite for smart, sexy women.

When she discovers who he is, he gives her an offer she is not sure she can refuse…

The Billionaire's Desire
The Billionaire's Desire  Rating: 3 of 5 stars

In the past you wouldn't catch me reading a sort story. I just felt they were a waste of money. But the past year with so many independent authors more and more shots are surfacing and most are surprisingly decent. I find now they are a great distraction while waiting for appointments or something quick before bed.The Billionaire's Desire was no different. I enjoyed it very much but it was off.

I just didn't feel pull of attraction between Sarah and Joshua. When they had their naughty freak moment in the trains washroom it I found myself cringing instead sighing. The warring desire for the two to rut was lacking. Then to add insult to injury the author conveyed that Joshua was a domineering lover in the end missed it big time. He seemed more commanding. Like a big time boss who want to play with a new toy and can use power and money to get what he desires. Ha! Intending a pun realization has just dawned.

Not having had the chance to build an affinity to any of the characters I find myself eager to read The Billionaire's Desire 2: Dubai Confidential eager to see what the next thirty (30) days has to offer in this agreement. After all, if punishment is a good fucking this is going to be one hell of ride.

The Billionaire's Desire 2: Dubai Confidental
Synopsis: Dubai Bound...

Sarah Vaughn is determined to become a partner at Hunter International. Her boss, Billionaire CEO Joshua Hunter, is used to getting his own way. He wants to help Sarah but it will cost her. Now, as an associate with the company, she is headed to Dubai for 30 days with her gorgeous boss. They have entered into an agreement: she must do everything he desires while on their business trip, in exchange for fast track partnership information. If she disobeys him, Joshua will have to teach her a lesson which is something she just might secretly long for.

Hell Hath No Fury...

When Joshua's possessive ex-girlfriend surfaces in Dubai, Sarah secretly sees red. To get Joshua's attention, Sarah flirts openly with his business colleague. She could never have anticipated the delicious reaction she gets from this jealous billionaire...

Fuck! Sorry but $2.99 for a short story! You have got to be kidding me. I shall not lie, had one of my crazy ass friend not had the cash this series would never see light in my circle. Wow, this author is delusional and must think so much of herself to sell her writing at a higher going rate than most of the top established authors who write entire books and sell it as one!

As disgusted as I am with the extreme price tag I'm a big enough woman (no pun intended) to admit that the middle (second installment of one fucking book) was better than the first book (the beginning in other words). The author brought more emotions into play which helps the reader star to spark an interest in the characters. But at such a hefty cost unless one of my friends can loan me The Billionaire's Desire 3: Ultimate Bliss I never learn the surprise destination and what the future holds for Sarah and Joshua.

I would not recommend this series to anyone due to the high price tag. However, if the author were to join all three books into one novella and sell it at a reasonable rate (under $2.99) ONLY then would I recommend. DO NOT WASTE YOUR HARD EARNED DOLLARS!!!

The Billionaire's Desire 3: Ultimate Bliss  (Submitting to the Billionaire)

Synopsis: Not the Life She Expected

When Sarah Vaughn agreed to the terms of the contract with Joshua Hunter, she never thought she would actually fall for the gorgeous billionaire. Now he wants to extend her contract, retaining control for a longer period of time. Sarah agrees but is determined to get the stoic billionaire to open up to her. She meets his dashing cousin, Ethan, who tries to pursue her and the jealous billionaire is none too pleased. But does Ethan really want Sarah or is he just trying to rattle his cousin? And does Sarah finally get fed up with Joshua's jealousy?
The Billionaire's Desire 3: Ultimate Bliss  (Submitting to the Billionaire)

Let me make matters worse and bitch about the last installment also being separate charge of $2.99. What the fuck was she thinking. Again, had a friend not loaned me their copy (what's funny is Amazon gives you 2weeks to read these 5 minute books) of The Billionaire's Desire 3: Ultimate Bliss I would have never learned the surprises was a visit to see Momma 'Bunny'.

The third installment (or should I say ending of the novella) again bring more players into action but the emotions that began to spark in the The Billionaire's Desire 2: Dubai Confidential (or the middle of the novella) were rained all over. I just don't love any of the characters. That's doesn't mean I didn't enjoying reading this novella even if the author is trying to bleed us cash dry.
To be honest I would have enjoyed all three of shorts had the author just sold it as the novella it was intended and did it for a reasonable price say $0.99. It's just not worth $5.98 (or $8.97 if the first book is taken off the free market) for something around 160- 180 pages as a whole.
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